Vancouver Island Alarms uses only the most reliable equipment from reputable and trusted suppliers such as DSC and GE. A technician at Vancouver Island Alarms will determine which system best suits your requirements and unique situation. There are hard-wired systems, wireless systems, and hybrids of both. With Vancouver Island Alarms, you are guaranteed to get precisely the right equipment and service for you and all your security needs.

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Vancouver Island Alarms monitors the security system in our business. We chose this company because of the professional and knowledgeable staff. Over the years, we have found VIA to be very friendly and responsive when we have questions about our system. We like the fact of having local monitoring and when we need assistance there is someone readily available to work with us. The company has always provided excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We would not hesitate to recommend Vancouver Island Alarms to anyone who is looking for reliable and outstanding quality service.

- Hamilton Hops and Grapes